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About Pierval S.A.

Founded in 1967, Pierval S.A. has been a family owned company for 3 generations and specializes in the manufacturing of high precision turned parts for various industrial domains.

Thanks to  our staff of about 20 skilled work forces and to our feature-rich machine inventory, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of turned parts and services.

We make all necessary efforts to deliver high quality work, at the «Swiss made» standard level.

Our know-how, in conjunction with the mastering of our processes are key elements when very high quality matters. Whenever possible, we choose to keep and develop our processes in-house, in order to provide our customers with a serious and rigorous follow-up of their orders, throughout all manufacturing steps of the products they need.

Please feel free to contact us.  We will be pleased to help you.

Pierval is buying ecological electrical power

Ecological PowerPierval is concerned about environmental issues. Therefore, we buy ecological hydroelectrical power produced in the power station located in Aarberg.


You can download the certificate in pdf format (in french).

Your contacts

General  management / Technical management

Mr Pierre-Alain Burkhardt
T +41 32 481 31 56
@ pab(at)pierval.ch



Management / IT management

Mr Jean-Fred Burkhardt
T +41 32 481 31 56
@ jfb(at)pierval.ch



Project management / Quality management

Mrs Audrey Neukomm
T +41 32 481 31 56
@ ank(at)pierval.ch